How we started


Who doesn't love Cake. A Cake is the pinnacle of any celebration and always a centrepiece to any occasion.


We don't just bake cakes. We create them. We pour our hearts into them. We whip them into sheer perfection. Using luxurious and natural ingredients, we masterfully blend flavors to create tastes and textures that defy description. And that's just the part you don't see.


We're equally obsessed with how our creations look. From plotting every intricate flower design and hand-painted flourish to coaxing each sugar petal into exquisite reality—every Cake masterpiece is a tribute to our passion to baking. Every cake we create is custom made from concept to consumption and is a completely original piece of edible art.


Our deliciously moist, artistic, and elegantly-designed cakes are adequately designed for anniversaries, adult birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers, and any type of special occasion which will be remembered by your guests as a wonderful touch to your event.  We also offer great unique cupcakes, cookies, seasonal specialties and pies.


How We Can Help You


Do you need a unique Cake for your events that will make your friends go WOW?

Do you love pretty cakes with intricate flower designs?

Are you a busy working mum and need to quickly order some cupcakes for your child's bake sale?

Do you need a batch of cupcakes with just less than 24 hours notice?

Do you love the taste of homemade cakes instead of the commercial brand of cakes you get at the Supermarket or certain cake shops?

Do you like Cakes that use high quality ingredients?

Do you want to give something different to your colleagues in the office?

Do you love sampling different flavours of cupcakes each week?

Are you so busy that you wish you could just order a cake through a website and it will be delivered to you in record time?

Do you need a Mini Cake to be delivered to your boss or someone special?


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